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Marcus "Buff" Bagwell

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I'm Buff and I'm the Stuff - Buff Bagwell
Buff On The Steve Austin Show

Buff the Stuff

The Superstar Professional Wrestler

Buff Bagwell is a 6 time WCW Tag Team Champion (with 5 different partners), and original member of the NWO.  For 10 years, he excelled as one of the most popular professional wrestlers in the world, appearing regularly on NITRO and other live television events.  Since 2001, Buff has continued to wrestle on the Indie Circuit and has appeared at many conventions and autograph opportunities.

Marcus Bagwell

       The Actor &        

Voice Over Talent

Marc Bagwell is a seasoned and well trained television and movie actor.  He has performed on "live" tv broadcasts, television commercials and sit-coms, and movies for over 28 years.  His great looks, fantastic physique and identifiable gruff voice have made him the well known superstar that he is.  As a working actor and voice over talent, he stays very busy but will always stop to shake a hand or give an autograph.  

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