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Back in the Game!

A long, long time ago being on top of the world was just a dream. With hard work, commitment, dogged determination and, mostly, a dedication to never give up, as a teenager I was on my way to fame and fortune. For over 15 years, I devoted myself daily to a regime of working out hard and eating solely to fuel the machine, my body. There was plenty of time for play, and we played hard, but it never swayed me from that vision of staying on top of my game. However, at the young age of 31, I was knocked off of the mountain when fired from the WWE. I was devastated but truly believed I was remained in the game and got right back to work on the Indie Circuit, confident that I would be back on top again soon. Though I never got there, thorough many physical adversities and challenges, I never gave up. But, let me to tell you, I've thought about giving up many times! I have been pushed beyond both my physical and emotional limits, and often dropped to my knees and prayed for help from above. With no definitive answers, I was forced to reach deep inside of myself and rise up from my knees and push forward again and again and again.

How was I able to do this? Why did I want to? Where did the strength come from? And, worst of all, would this be my last "rodeo"? 4 years ago, this became my constant state of being - fear and anxiety over a body that continued to regress and fail me. I was forced to consider my past and the discipline that I had always known, and through 9 surgeries that ended 2 short months ago, I urged myself to start the climb forward and upwards AGAIN!

That is all I knew! That is all I have ever known to do! It is what I learned as a boy - that I was gifted and had no choice except to be strong willed and never give up, never quit, stay in the game, strive to be the best because I born to be great. Marcus Alexander Bagwell. A name with a hero's destiny!

Therefore, shortly post-op, I am back in the gym, building my body, restoring hope, regenerating faith, and playing the game. I am confident that I will be on top of the mountain again. Not in the same amount of time and maybe not even the same mountain, but I WILL get there! You see guys, believing in your abilities and capabilities is the key! Self doubt can not linger around for long, and with a strong mind, backed by physical strength, one can never be held down for long. I can see now that "the game" of life is full of disappointments and conflicts, but if you follow the footsteps of your own intention to be great, you have no choice except to always reach for greatness. The hows, whats & whys will take care of themselves, and with every challenge you will rise up again and fight to win the game - get the trophy - experience the joy - relish in the conquest, which at times just may be your own struggle. Keep playing and always strive to win!

Too Chey on Behalf of Buff

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