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Updated: Jul 20, 2021

I wanted to take this time to issue an apology to all my fans who ordered Merch from the online store. I'm sincerely from the bottom of my heart sorry for the delay in shipping out the orders.

As ya'll know, I was in a bad car wreck a while back and factor that in with some personal and business issues, I just wasn't able to get the orders out on time while trying to fix all these problems.

But the good news is Buff Daddy is back on track. My new manager and I recently shipped out the orders and we have updated our online store to include images of ALL the 8x10's we have available for purchase.

Also, we have available individual copies of the 5 volume collection of Marcus Alexander Bagwell DVD's. Which means you can now have the option of either buying all the DVD's at once or buying them individually if there's only one in the collection that you really like and want.

Also just to be clear, the prices listed do NOT include shipping and handling. I assume you guys already know that, but my manager wanted me to clarify that to everyone.

And as far as the accident goes, I am recovering very well and hope to be back in the ring 100% very soon.

Thank for your patience and your continued support and I'll see ya'll soon in a town near you. Cause I'm Buff and I'm still The Stuff.

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