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On Track, the Train Rolls On

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

“Would someone please stop this train?!”  Well said John Mayer!  I was listening to that song just the other day & thought…….how true!  Sometimes life gets in the way of the many things I have to do each day, and I do mean many!  I set high expectations for myself as a teenager, and I have spent my life trying to live up them.  Therefore, some days become so unmanageable that I want to just jump off the train & I don’t give a damn where I land!!!

I’ve learned that the “to do’s” of today, if left undone, will become the stressors of tomorrow, so I try hard to not let things roll over.   However, as my life goes, a few things are always left undone & pile up.  So, I spend yet another day breathless & trying to catch up!  And I realize, as I’m writing this, that if the nurse doesn’t call me back, or the car doesn’t get washed, or the workout gets pushed back and doesn’t last as long as I’d like for it to,  etc., etc., the train just keeps chugging along and.......... I didn’t jump.

So, what’s my point in telling you all of this?  Again,I remember that the “to dos” really don’t compare with the “can’t  do wothouts” – like having lunch with my best friend, visiting with my Mom & Dad, stopping what I’m doing & talking to fans, laughing about old times and having a nice dinner at the end of the day with family. I, like I suspect most of you, put that unnecessary pressure on myself to complete tasks, and I don’t stop to acknowledge all of the good that are intertwined throughout each day. In general, that would be called BALANCE!  I think the importance of that word & action has everything to do with a life well lived.

Therefore, go ahead & write that list of what needs to be done today, but take notice along the way of the things that do bring a smile to your face or warmth in your heart. Let’s not become so serious and stressed that it affects the people around us – a good attitude & friendliness IS contagious. So, if you you do  get to jump on a train, ride an open car, hang your legs over the side, sing a song & enjoy the sights - don’t even think about jumping! Those tracks are carrying you to another day with endless optimism & hope. That much, friends, I can promise you!

Too Chey on Behalf of Buff

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